The Polish Forum of the Lacanian Field was founded on June 26th, 2010.

The Forum is a member of L’Internationale des Forums du Champ Lacanien IF-EPFCL (International Federation of the Forums of the Lacanian Field) founded in 1999. As such, it is also subject to its Charter.

The purpose of the Forum is to expand and propagate in Poland the knowledge of psychoanalysis, as developed by Jacques Lacan. This goal is realized through the organization of regular teaching activities as well as various gatherings (such as lectures, symposiums, debates, etc.), and studies of Jacques Lacan’s texts within cartels, as well as the pursuit of publishing activites.

The Forum consists of members who participate in all forms of statutory activities, and have the right to vote and hold elective eligibility. The members support the activities of the local Forum with a monthly membership fee, and those of the international Forum with an annual membership fee.

Persons interested in acquiring membership to the Forum – after familiarizing themselves with the statute as well as the information regarding the International Forum IF-EPFCL – may submit their candidacies to the association’s Board, which shall then pass them unto a voting by the general assembly, in accordance with the procedures inscribed in the Statute (set at the first general meeting of the Forum following its attainment of an inscription into the National Court Register).

Forum members:

Paula Czosnowska
Erwin Dolaciński
Marcin Klaus social psychologist
Kacper Latecki social psychologist
Stella Pawlaczyk psychologist | psychoanalytic consulting room (Poznan), +48 796 130 784
Ewa Marciniak psychiatrist | psychoanalytic consulting room (Warsaw), +48 531 545 545
Marcin Piotrowski psychologist | gabinet psychoanalityczny (Warsaw), +48 535 948 989
Sara Rodowicz-Ślusarczyk psychoanalyst | psychoanalytic consulting room (Warsaw), +48 601 069 108 | member of the School EPFCL-France
Paulina Sawicka
Tomasz Strugała philosopher | psychoanalytic consulting room (Poznan), +48 606 955 777
Sylwester Strzecha clinical psychologist | psychoanalytic consulting room (Poznan), +48 605 415 115
Joanna Szymańska | psychoanalytic consulting room (Warsaw), +48 600 803 717
Jan Tkaczow medical doctor | psychoanalytic consulting room (Warsaw), +48 531 273 130
Anna Wojakowska-Skiba psychologist | psychoanalytic consulting room (Warsaw), +48 698 669 634 | member of the School EPFCL-France

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Board 2018-2020:

President: Marcin Piotrowski
+48 535 948 989

Vice-president: Sylwester Strzecha
+48 605 415 115

Tresaurer: Joanna Szymańska
+48 600 803 717

Audit Commitee 2018-2020: Ewa Marciniak, Sara Rodowicz-Ślusarczyk, Jan Tkaczow

IF-SPFLF 2018-2020 Delegate: Jan Tkaczow

Forum Polskie Pola Lacanowskiego
ul. Belgijska 6/26
02-51 Warsaw, Poland

KRS: 0000367869
REGON: 142715520
NIP: 5213588801

Bank account in Polish zloty:
mBank SA 79114020040000390275538931